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99 Titchfield Street, Kilmarnock, Scotland KA1 1QY

FOI Classes

Class 1: About

Information about Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust, T/A The Galleon Centre, who we are, where to find us, how to contact us, how we are managed and our external relations.

Organisation’s Purpose, Mission Statement Vision & Values
Our Purpose, vision & values/mission statement describes why we are here? Where we are going & how do we deliver.
View Mission Statement 1.2

Contact Details
Contact details of all our venues and of our head/principle offices.
View Contact Details

Organisational Chart
Details the organisational structure of The Galleon Centre.
View Staff Structure

Our Board
Details who our Board are and what they do, plus names of Board members.
View Our Board

Charitable Trust & Objectives
Information on “Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust T/A The Galleon Centre” charitable status.
View Charitable Trust Objectives

List of The Galleon Centre’s Company Directors including their roles and responsibilities.
• The Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust has no Company Directors.

Articles of Association
Describes the make - up and purpose of the organisation, what we are here for, governance issues.
View Articles of Association

Company Governance
Details of The Galleon Centre’s corporate governance e.g. governance policy, risk register, codes of conduct, standing orders and other governance information.
View Company Governance

Committee Roles & Remits
Roles and remits of our committees and subcommittees.
• The Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust at present has no other committees or sub - committees operating.

News about The Galleon Centre e.g. news releases, newsletters.
• The Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust has in the past had news releases relative to upgrading work (capital) here in the Galleon Centre. • Lockers • STA Mark

Accountability and Audit Relationships
Details of bodies we are audited and/or regulated by, and the nature of our relationship with them e.g. establishing council, OSCR, Financial Conduct Authority. Reports to these bodies.
View Accountability and Audit Accounts

Subsidiary Companies
Details of any subsidiary companies wholly owned by The Galleon Centre.
• There are no subsidiary companies wholly owned by the Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust.


External relations and working with others

Sponsorship & Partnership Opportunities
Details on current sponsor partners.
View Sponsorship & Partnership Opportunities
Deed of Trust

Partnerships Opportunities
Information on working in partnership with The Galleon Centre.
View Partnerships Opportunities
Letter of Award
Offer of Award

Partnership Agreements and Strategic Agreements with other organisations.
Details of our Partnership Agreements and any other strategic agreements we have with other bodies e.g. Memoranda or Understanding. Contract Information can be found in Class 6.
View Partnership Agreements

Information on rights, how to make a request

How to complain or make a comment
How to complain or make a comment e.g. complaints policy, and contact details.
View How to Complain or Make a Comment

How to make a freedom of information request
How to request information, contacts details for FOI section/unit.
View FOI Request How To

How to make a request for personal information
How to apply your rights under the Data Protection Act 2008 & request personal information held by The Galleon Centre about you.
View Personal Info Request How To

Model Publication Scheme 2014
The Galleon Centre has adopted the Scottish Information Commissioner’s Model Publication Scheme 2014.
• The Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust has adopted the Scottish Commissioners Model Publication Scheme 2014

Guide to Information
The Galleon Centres Guide to Information it makes available under the Model Publication Scheme 2014.
View Guide to Information - Centres


Class 2: How we deliver our functions and services

Information about our work, our strategy and policies for delivering functions and services and information for our service users.

Corporate Strategy
Provides a high level overview on where we are as an organisation, what we are aiming to achieve and the actions we need to take. Detailed business plans may contain commercially sensitive information so are not published but you can still make a request for them.
Deed of Trust
Charitable Trust Objectives

Strategic Planning Process
Information on how we undertake our strategic planning e.g. planning policies, decision making structures, timetables.
Business Plan (refer 2.1)
Business Plan Objectives 13
Staff Structure

Venue/Section Plans
High level details of The Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust T/A The Galleon Centre operation plans for venues & sections. Detailed service plans are not routinely published but can be requested from us under the Act.
Terms & Conditions of Use
Conditions of Hire
Special Events Booking Form
Business Plan (refer section 7)
Business Plan Objectives 13

Our Venues
Our venues, contact details & facilities.

The Galleon Centre, 99 Titchfield Street, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire KA1 1QT
Tel: 01563524014 Fax:01563 572395
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Scottish Charity Number: SC00 8314
Trust Established 1985

Our Venues Opening Hours
Opening hours of our venues.
OPENING HOURS: Monday-Friday - 6.30am-11.00pm, Saturday - 7.45am-8.00pm, Sunday - 8.45am- 11.00pm

Venue Timetables and Programmes
Information about the timetables and programmes in each venue showing what’s on e.g. fitness class timetables, shows/performances, events/exhibitions etc.

Details of all activities offered within the Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust T/A The Galleon Centre venues, including venue hire.
View Conditions of Hire
Excells Fitness Suite, Aerobics, Skating, Curling, Ice Hockey, Skating Lessons, Swimming, Aquatrim, Aquanatal, Swimming Lessons, Bowling, Squash, Badminton, Football, Basketball, Netball, Table Tennis, Trampolining Lessons, Soft Play and Creche Facilities

Coaching & Courses
Information on courses available to the public e.g. coaching, workshops and classes.

Details of all the membership products available and how to join.
Members Frequently Asked Questions
View Gold Card
Teen Gold Card
Over 60's Gold Card
Junior Gold Card
Silver Card
Leisure Card Membership Form
Centre Membership Application Form (Adult/Family/Junior/Senior)

Details of how to make bookings, including links to online booking system, booking forms, box office details.
Conditions of Hire
Terms & Conditions of Use
Appeal Policy 

Corporate policies and procedures for performing statutory functions
Corporate - wide policies e.g. Child protection Policy, Safe Swim Guidelines, Health and Safety, Equality, Sustainability etc.
Administering Medication
Abusive Behaviour Customer Policy
Alcohol Policy
Appeal Policy
Child Protection Policy
Customer Care Policy
Customer Care including Creche Policy
Customer Commitment Policy
Disabled Workers
Disclosure Information
Driving at Work Policy
Duty of Candour
Internet, Email & Social Media
Equal Opportunities
Ex Offenders
Flexible Working
Health & Wellbeing
Infection Policy
Missing Person Policy
Mobile Phone Policy
Recruitment Policy
Recruitment Code of Practice
Relationships at Work Policy
Smoking Policy
SSP Scheme
Swine Flu
Terrorist & Bomb Threat
Timekeeping Policy
Unemployed Policy
Vulnerable People
Whistle Blowing
Other Leave
Credit Card Process
Adoption Leave
Employee Data Policy
Dignity at Work
Acting Up
Asset Management
CCTV Code of Practice
Scheme of Delegation
Shared Parental Leave
Staff Parking
Card Security Policy
Death of Employee
Legionella Policy 
Conditions of Hire
Security Card Policy 
Pressure Systems 
Lone Working 
Hand Arm Vibration Policy 
Young Workers Policy 
Staff Use of Facilities Policy
Silica Dust Exposure


Details of current charges for The Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust T/A The Galleon Centre, including concession schemes and eligibility criteria.
Price List

How to access our services
Information on how to access services e.g. for people with disabilities.

Jobs at The Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust
Our current vacancies.


Class 3: How we take decisions and what we have decided

Information about the decisions we take how we make decisions and how we involve others.

Board/Committee Agendas
The agendas for our Board/Committee Meetings by quarter.
Boards Agendas
Trust Agenda 22.08.13
Trust Agenga 21.11.13
Trust Agenda 13.03.14
Trust Agenda 30.09.14
Trust Agenda 19.03.15
Trust Agenda 26.11.15
Trust Agenda 03.02.16 
Trust Agenda 15.03.17

Approved Board/Committee Reports

The approved reports from our Board/Committee Meetings by quarter. These are published alongside the relevant approved minutes following the Board or Committee meeting to which they refer, but can be requested from us under the Act before that.
A Copy of our Trust Reports are available on request

Approved Board/Committee minutes

The approved minutes from our Board/Committee Meetings by month. The approved minutes will be published as soon as they have received approval. You can request copies of minutes, prior to their approval, from us under the Act.
Trust Minutes 22.08.13
Trust Minutes 21.11.13
Trust Minutes 13.03.14
Trust Minutes 30.09.14
Trust Minutes 05.02.15
Trust Minutes 26.11.15
Trust Minutes 03.02.16
Trust Minutes 15.03.17

Public Consultations
Details of any wider consultations we have undertaken with the general public. Note that some market research studies may not be published as we consider them to contain commercially sensitive information which is exempt. However you still have the right to ask for these under the Act.
Public Consultations

Engagement Strategies
Details of our public engagement strategy.
Engagement Strategies

Reports of Regulatory Inspections
Reports of regulatory inspections, audits and investigations carried out by the authority.
Environmental Policy - Available on Request
H&S Policy - Available on Request
Emergency Lighting
Swimming Pool Inspection
Periodic Inspection
Ice Plant Inspection
Hot Water Boiler 1,2,3
Hot Water Boiler
Hot Water Cylinder
Expansion Vessel
Pressure Vessel
Heat Exchanger
Plant Pressure Vessel
Oxygen Cylinder
Goods Lift
Passenger Lift
Portable Crane
Vertical Working Platform
Personnel Hoist
Domestic Boiler
Non Domestic Boilers
Games Hall Heaters
Fire Alarm
Fire Extinguishers
Legionella Quarterly
Domestic Water
Indoor Sports Entertainment


Class 4: What we spend and how we spend it

Information about our strategy for, and management of, financial resources (in sufficient detail to explain how we plan to spend public money and what has actually been spent).

Annual Report & Accounts
Annual report and audited financial statements.
Audited Accounts 2014/15
General Reserves have reduced to £160,174 from £210,813 the previous year.  This decrease was the result of an energy rebate reclaim from the previous year which had resulted in an over budget surplus of £64,950 in 2013/14. 
Audited Accounts 2015/16
General Reserves have increased to £179,997 from £160,174 the previous year, a profit of £19,823 for year 2015/16.
Please note a full copy of our Audited Accounts is available on request.

Auditors Report
Audited annual statements.
Audited Statements 2015

Activity Prices
List of current prices/charges for activities in each venue.
Price List

Expenses Policy & Procedures
Our Policy on expenses.
Expenses Policy & Procedures
Financial Regulations - Page 18

Pay & Grading Structure
Pay & Grading structure of The Galleon Centre staff.
Wage Rates (FOI)

Pension Fund and other investments
Details of The Galleon Centre’s pension fund options, and other investments.
Pension Fund & Other Investments

Senior Staff/Board Member expenses
Details of senior staff/board member expenses.
Senior Staff-Board Members Remuneration

Board Member Remuneration
Board members remuneration, other than expenses.
Board Member Remuneration

Financial management and administration policies and procedures
e.g. reserves policy, bad debt management policy, finance manual.
Financial Reserves Policy

Top level budget allocation & capital spending plans
Detailed revenue budgets may not be published, as we consider them to contain commercially sensitive information which is exempt. However you still have the right to ask for these under the Act.


Class 5: How we manage our human, physical and information resources

Information about how we manage the human, physical and information resources of the Trust

Human Resources – Current Policies Add, amend or delete the list below as required to provide a full list of your own policies.
List of all HR policies in the Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust which are currently in use, and details of how to access them.

Access to Facilities Policy
Outlines the policy for staff access to facilities
Staff Manual page 31

Access to Personal Files Policy
Outlines the policy for staff access to personal files.
Data Protection Policy

Alcohol Drugs & Substance Abuse Policy

Outlines support provided to staff if they have issues with alcohol, drug and substance abuse.

Attendance Management Policy
Explains the procedures and guidelines to assist managers and employees during absence from work due to illness.
Staff Manual Pages 10, 11 & 12

CCTV Code of Practice and Procedures
Details the Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trusts policy and procedures for the monitoring, recording, holding and processing of images of identifiable individuals constitutes personal data as defined by the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA). Helps the Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust comply with our legal obligations under DPA.
CCTV Code of Practice

Relationship at Work
Outlines the policy to ensure that no unfair advantage or disadvantage occurs as a result of personal, family, social or financial relationships. Ensures we are guided in our activities by the “Seven Principles of Public Life” set out by the Nolan Committee.
Relationships at Work Policy

Data Protection Policy/Disclosure Information
This policy details how personal information about employees and customers will be kept and processed by the Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust. It follows the principles of the Data Protection Act and subsequent Codes as published by the UK Information Commissioner.
Data Protection Policy

Disciplinary Policy
Outlines the Disciplinary procedures to help and encourage all employees to improve, achieve and maintain required standards of conduct whilst ensuring that all employees are treated fairly, consistently, and without discrimination.
Staff Manual

Disclosure Handling Policy
Outlines the process for the correct handling, holding and destroying Disclosure Information, provided by Disclosure Scotland under Part V of the Police Act 1997, for the purposes of assess ing applicants’ suitability for positions of trust. The Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust also complies fully with the Data Protection Act 1998 and other relevant legislation pertaining to the safe handling, use, storage, retention and disposal of Disclosure information.
Disclosure Information

Driving Policy
Ensure that the Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust meets necessary vehicle and driving at work requirements as laid out by Health & Safety legislation, Inland Revenue regulations and requirements from our insurance companies.
Driving at Work Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy
Policy aims to prevent all forms of discrimination in the provision of services and employment of people, particularly on the grounds of sex, marital status, disability, race, colour, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnic origin, political belief, trade union activity, responsibility for dependants, employment status, age, culture or language.
Equal Opportunities

Flexible Working
This policy explains the different types of working arrangements that are in place in the Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust and sets out the framework to use the requests to work flexibly.
Flexible Working

Hospitality Policy
This policy details the standards required by the Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust where employees are offered hospitality, goods or other benefits through the performance of their duties.
Staff Manual Page 32

HR Strategy
The Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust Human Resources strategy.
Recruitment Code of Practice

Information Communication & Technology Policy
The purpose of this policy is to ensure that employees of The Galleon Centre understand the way in which Information Technology, including Electronic mail (email), the Internet and Computer equipment should be used in the organisation. It aims to ensure that IT is used effectively for its intended purpose without infringing legal requirements or creating unnecessary business risk.
Social Media

Managing Smoking Policy
This policy ensures that the Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust complies with “The Smoking, Health and Social Care (Scotland) Act 2005” and “The Prohibition of Smoking in Certain Premises (Scotland) Regulations 2006”
Smoking Policy

Mobile Phone Policy
This policy clarifies the responsibilities of employees and the Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust in managing the use of “The Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trusts” mobile communication devices.
Mobile Phone Policy

Parental Leave Policy
This policy outlines the entitlements of employees in relation to maternity, adoption and paternity leave and pay. It also details the rights of employees with children to take parental leave and the ability for them to request flexible working patterns.

Recruitment & Selection Policy
The aims of the policy are to promote equality of employment opportunities and the elimination of discrimination in employment.
Recruitment Code of Practice

Redundancy Policy
Outlines the process of dismissal of employees through redundancy.

Resolution of Difference Policy
Outlines the procedures for resolving a difference between staff.

Retirement Policy
Explains policy on retirement.

Health & Wellbeing Policy
This policy explains the action we are taking as an employer with regard to stress related problems in the workplace.
Health & Wellbeing

Personal Harassment Abusive Behaviour
This policy covers the threat of, or actual, violence towards employees by other employees and people visiting venues such as contractors and customers.
Abusive Behaviour Customer

Training & Development Policy
Details how the Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust aims to develop and improve the competency and efficiency of all staff both as members of teams and as individuals to enable the maximum delivery of service to our customers.
• Continuous Appraisals
• Customer Care Training

Travel & Expenses Policy
Details how the Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust will reimburse reasonable expenses incurred by employees while on authorised business.
Scheme of Delegation (Page 5 Mileage Expenses)

Whistleblowing Policy
Provides guidance to employees on the action to take in disclosing a serious wrongdoing such as fraud or dangerous practices at the Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust.

Information Resources

Records Management Policy
Outlines our policy on record management.
Objective & Scope

Retention Schedule
Details what documents we keep for how long and by whom.
Objective & Scope1

Freedom Of Information Procedures
Procedures & Guidance for staff
Purpose & Scope

ICT Strategy Policy
Details of our policy for managing ICT

Health & Safety

Health & Safety Policy and Procedures
Health and Safety policies and procedures for the Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust.
Health and Safety Policy New

Risk Assessments
Details of risk assessments carried out for the Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust.


Copies of any of our risk assessments are available on request.

Accident Statistics
Statistical detail of accidents and incidents at venues in the Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust.

Normal Operating Procedures
Normal Operating Procedures for the Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust venues.
Pool Safety Operating Procedures
Ice Rink

Emergency Action Plans
Emergency Action Plans for the Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust venues.
Emergency Action Plan

Physical Resources

Pool Water Management
Details of our policies and procedures for pool water management.
Pool Safety Operating Procedures Pages 99-104

Land and Property Holdings
Description of the Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust land and property holdings.
• Galleon Centre but not the land on which it is built. This belongs to East Ayrshire Council.

Environmental Reports
Details of reports on environmental issues e.g. sustainability, energy usage, carbon footprint etc.
Environmental Policy
Energy Usage
Carbon Savings Certificate

Facility Maintenance & Asset Management

Asset Management Policy
Details the Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust asset management plans and maintenance regime.
Asset Management

Facility Maintenance Plan
Details the Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust facility maintenance plans.
Facility Maintenance Plan

Asbestos Policy Management Plan
The Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust policy and procedures for managing asbestos; details an effective organisational means for controlling the risk to health from asbestos.
Asbestos Survey

Energy Awareness
Details staff responsibilities for good practice to reduce energy usage.
Environmental Policy

Energy Efficiency Review
Details the Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust policy on managing energy usage and promoting energy efficiency.
• See Environmental Policy above.

Employee Relations

Agreement with Trade Unions
Details agreements with Trade Unions.
• The Kilmarnock Leisure Trust has agreed the General Municipal Boilermakers (GMB) as the recognised Trade Union, to deduct Union Contributions from the pay of each employee who has completed the written authorisation form required. Other Unions are accepted and deductions will apply providing the minimum criteria is met.


Class 6: How we produce goods and services from external providers

Information about how we procure goods and services, and our contracts with external providers.

Procurement Policies & Procedures
The Galleon Centre procurement policy
Financial Regulations Page 9

Details The Galleon Centres let contracts which have gone through formal tendering, including contractor and value.
Johnston Controls

Invitations to tender
Details of invitations to tender
Request for Quotation

Become a Service Provider
Details how to become a Service Provider with The Galleon Centre.
Become a Service Provider


Class 7: How we are performing

Information about how we perform as an organisation, and how well we deliver our functions and services.

Key Performance Indicators
Information on The Galleon Centres key performance indicators and performance against them.
Departmental Benchmark
Expenditure Benchmarking
Income Benchmarking

Audits & Inspections
Reports from audits and inspections.

Annual Performance Report
Annual report and audited financial statements

Audited Accounts 2014/15
General Reserves have reduced to £160,174 from £210,813 the previous year.  This decrease was the result of an energy rebate reclaim from the previous year which had resulted in an over budget surplus of £64,950 in 2013/14. 
Audited Accounts 2015/16
General Reserves have increased to £179,997 from £160,174 the previous year, a profit of £19,823 for year 2015/16.
Please note a full copy of our Audited Accounts is available on request.

Staff Survey
Details the results of our staff survey.
• No staff survey for the last 3 years.

Sickness Absence Statistics
Breakdown of sickness absence statistics.
• The Kilmarnock Leisure Centre Trust Breakdown of sickness absence statistics is as follows for years 2011/12 and 2012/13.
2011/12 3.9% absences
2012/13 4% absences

Health & Safety Audits

Details the Health & Safety Audits of our venues.

A copy of our Health & Safety Audits are availabe on request.


Class 8: Our Commercial Publications

Information packaged and made available for sale on a commercial basis and sold at market value through a retail outlet e.g. bookshop, museum or research journal.

The Galleon Centre does not hold or publish any information under this class.