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Membership FAQ

Q: What does the Gold/Silver/Bronze/Corporate/Gym Only Membership entitle me to?

A: Gold:  Unlimited access to: Fitness Room, Swimming Pool during public swimming times (please note that on some occasions access will be shared with swimming lessons and classes.) All classes in the Aerobic and Fitness class programme and a Personal Fitness Programme with the Fitness Instructor. The Gold Card also offers a free Induction in the Fitness Room as well as use of the fast lane at reception to avoid queues.

Silver:  Same benefits as the Gold Card but only between 6.30am - 3.45pm Monday to Friday.

Bronze/Corporate: Same benefits as the Gold Card except the following classes are chargeable at a discounted rate: Spinning, all Les Mills classes, Pilates, Metafit, Kettlebells, CX Worx & Yoga.

One-Month Gold: Same benefits as the Gold Card.

Gym Only: The Gym Only Membership offers unlimited access to Excells Fitness Room during opening hours and includes a gym Induction. A 2-month Gym Only Membership is also available if you do not wish to enter into a 12-month contracted membership.

Q: When I take out my membership am I tied in (contracted) for a minimum period of time?

A: Yes.  Memberships are for a minimum period of 12 months and this is stated clearly on the Application Form. If you do not wish to be tied in to a contract we recommend you take the one-month membership.

Q: Do I still have to pay an admission charge to the Centre?

A: No, admission charges are included when you are in possession of a Gold/Silver/Corporate Membership.

Q: How do I pay for my Gold/Silver/Bronze/Corporate/Gym Only Membership?

A: You can make the payment in one lump sum or you can make one month’s payment at reception by cash, cheque or credit card then all future payments will be made by monthly Direct Debit from your bank account.

Q: I don’t have a bank account, is there any other way I can make my monthly payments?

A: Unfortunately we do not accept any type of monthly payments other than Direct Debits. If you do not have a bank account we would suggest one of the following options:

- Pay your annual membership up front in one lump sum this provides the added benefit of receiving two additional months F.O.C. (Gold/Silver only). See next question.

- Do not commit to the annual membership. Take the one month membership instead.

- Pay the appropriate activity rate each time you use the Centre.



Q: I am considering a Gold/Silver/Bronze/Corporate/Gym Only Membership and wish to pay in full rather than by monthly Direct Debit.  Do I get any discount for paying in full?

A: If you pay your Gold/Silver Card in full you will be entitled to 2 months extra at no additional cost (14 months in total). Bronze/Corporate/Gym Only Memberships are already heavily discounted so no further discounts are available.

Q: As a Gold/Silver/Bronze/Corporate/Gym Only member, do I have to inform the reception staff of which activity I am attending when I enter the Centre?

A: Yes.  This is very important as we have a maximum number in most areas all members must inform reception where they are going and receive a ticket for that activity. This will also save any embarrassment if a member of staff is collecting tickets.

Q: What if I become ill/ injured or unable to make use of my membership?

A: Please inform us in writing as soon as possible after becoming ill/injured etc. and we can suspend your membership and payments. We may ask for medical evidence to support your request. It is important that you inform us as soon as possible that you wish to suspend your membership and payments as we are unable to apply this retrospectively.

Q: What if I change my mind and do not wish to continue with my membership after I have purchased it?

A: We offer a 14-day cooling off period. We will cancel your membership agreement providing we are notified in writing within the first 14 days of your membership. The cancellation charge associated with this is equal to one monthly payment.

Q: If my partner and I apply for a couples membership do we get a card each?

A: Yes. In addition, any children aged 5-15 will receive an Admission Membership.

Q: Is anyone else in my family allowed to make use of my Gold/Silver/Bronze/Corporate/Gym Only Membership?

A: No. Memberships are not transferable. They can only be used by the person who completed and signed the Membership Application form. Gold/Silver Couples Memberships are available to two adults living together at the same address as a couple.

Q: I am considering a Corporate Membership through my work. Are any of my family or friends entitled to the same deal?

A: Corporate Memberships are available to the employee and anyone living at the same address. Proof of employment and residence must be shown. No other family or friends are entitled to the same benefits.

Q: I am 60 years of age. Do you have any special discounts on memberships for my age group?

A: Yes. The Gold Membership is available at a discounted rate and called the Over 60’s Gold Card.

Q: I am 16/17 years of age.  Do you have any special discounts for my age group?

A: Yes. As above, the Gold Membership is available at a discounted rate and called “Teen Gold”.

Q: I am 13-15 years of age. Do you have any special discounts for my age group?

A: Yes. We offer a discounted Gold Membership for this age group called “Junior Gold”. Please note that a Teenfit Course must be completed prior to using our gym. Junior Gold Members cannot use the fast lane at reception, they must speak to a receptionist on entry.

Q: Even though I have purchased my membership do I still have to do an Induction?

A: Yes.  Inductions are necessary for all users of the Fitness Room to ensure everyone is aware of the safety issues. Inductions are free to Gold, Silver and Corporate members.

Q: As a Gold/Silver/Bronze/Corporate/Gym Only member am I entitled to use the Car Park if I am not using the Centre?

A: No. As we have a limited number of spaces available it is important that they are made available to Centre users only.

Q: I have been a Gold/Silver/Bronze/Corporate/Gym Only member for some time now.  I am considering taking a membership in another leisure centre/health club just for a change of scenery.  Do you offer any incentives to try and retain members?

A: We offer a very attractive loyalty bonus for Gold/Silver members which discounts their membership based on how long they have held the membership. This offer is not available to Bronze/Corporate/Gym Only members, Over 60’s members and Teen Gold members as these memberships are already heavily discounted.