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Excells Fitness Suite

With over 70 items of Cardiovascular, Resistance and Functional equipment available as well as an excellent range of Barbells and Dumbells, Excells Fitness Suite is one of the finest facilities you will experience.

Being fully air conditioned and supervised by qualified instructors, we know you will be safe and comfortable as you go about your exercise routine.  No matter what your experience or level of fitness our instructors are always on hand to provide information and advice.

Opening Times
Excells is open from 06:30 - 23:00 Monday - Friday, 06:45 - 20:00 on Saturdays and 06:45 - 23:00 on Sundays.

An Induction is necessary prior to using Excells for the first time.  This is to ensure your safety and to point out the simple do’s and don’ts which make everyone’s visit more enjoyable.

Personal Fitness Programme
If you would like a properly structured exercise routine which will meet your personal requirements and help you achieve your goals, why not have a programme designed for yourself by one of our Instructors.

Personal Programmes are free to Gold and Corporate members and should not be confused with Personal Training.

Fitech Fitness Assessments
By undertaking a Fitech Assessment you will obtain an accurate indication of your overall fitness including:  Blood Pressure, Strength, Body Fat Percentage, Lung Efficiency, Flexibility and Aerobic Capacity.  (The Aerobic Capacity Test will only be performed if your Blood Pressure is within acceptable limits).

The overall assessment will take around 1 hour and upon completion an extensive report will be printed and analysed by the Assessor.  A detailed account and graphical summary of your level of health will be included in the report and recommendation will be made on how to improve your Fitness, Health and Lifestyle.

If you are a regular gym user then investing in a membership is going to offer substantial savings throughout the year.  We have a variety of packages on offer including Gold Cards which offer unlimited access to the gym and other facilities, Silver Cards which offer access during (Off Peak) times, Over 60’s Gold Cards and Teen Gold Cards. 

For a full list of our membership packages click here.

Personal Training

Personal Training is much more than just a structured exercise routine to assist you in your quest to reach your goals.

Your Personal Trainer will work with you to design a workout which will be the most suitable and effective possible.

Your Personal Trainer will encourage and motivate you to perform better than you ever thought you could. This level of committment combined with advice and instruction on improving your lifestyle will drastically reduce the time taken to achieve your goals.





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